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The number three (3) ranked site in Kenya is Google’s global site at I was pleasantly surprised to find just how popular this site is at number four (4) in Kenya.

This ranking also suggests to me that lots of companies are losing productivity as all their workers are busy poking and adding friends to their lists every day.

This site, like Face Book, presents an interesting marketing platform.7.

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At the same time, any marketer should salivate at the opportunity to reach the Kenyan Face Book market.

A few months ago, Face Book launched profile pages which let companies market themselves to Face Book users.

So, it would seem that Kenyan’s are following lots of blogs on Blogger and it would be an excellent marketing location for marketers to have corporate blogs here too.10.

Rapid Share ( Share is a file sharing web site that lets you upload up 100 megabytes as a single file.

As of this writing, Microsoft’s bid at US$ 44 Billion for Yahoo!

could significantly change the prospects for Windows Live Search which is already quite popular in Kenya.6. On a global scale, it lags far behind but for some reason seems to do better across several African Countries.

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend a pretty large and well attended ICT Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

My presentation was on internet marketing within a Pan-African context.

Blogger ( is a leading site for users to create their own blogs.

As blogs gain more and more momentum online, Kenya has not been left behind and a good number of Kenyan themed blogs are out there.

A latecomer to the search game, Live Search has grown significantly in the last few years but still lags a distant third to Google and Yahoo! However, in terms of indexing and quality results, it’s been quite impressive.